3 Philadelphia Eagles players named potential trade bloc newcomers


In one recent article for NFL Trade Rumors, author Logan Ulrich attempted to predict some potential new faces that could appear on this year’s “trading block.” He highlighted some top receivers and blockbuster stars who could find themselves on the move this season (if the price was right), but also listed some smaller names who could be given out, which is where the Philadelphia Eagles players were mentioned.

A few Philadelphia Eagles players have been named as “potential newcomers to the trading bloc”.

Three Eagles have been listed in total, starting with the former first-round pick Andre Dillard:

André Dillard, LT

The team’s first draft pick of 2019, Dillard’s job is in serious jeopardy going forward due to the emergence of Jordan Mailata. Dillard looked shaky during his rookie season and suffered a bicep tear last summer, while Mailata now has nearly a full year of starting LT experience under his belt.

Here’s what NFLTR had to say about Dillard and his future status in Philadelphia:

An injury cost Dillard what was supposed to be a transition year from Jason Peters to him on the blind side in 2020, instead Jordan Mailata impressed after Peters fell and got into the conversation, if not the outright header, to start at left tackle in 2021. If Dillard loses the declarer job, it’s very possible the Eagles will cut the bait and trade him for what they can, as Mailata enters a contract year and would presumably be the future of the position.

It’s worth pointing out that the Eagles could just keep both Dillard and Mailata on the roster moving forward and start cross-training at the right tackle, but the logic of cutting ties with Dillard this season if he loses the LT battle makes sense on paper. (he has expressed a lack of desire to play RT in the past).

The main concern is what Dillard would even be worth on the trading block – likely nothing more than a Day 3 pick.


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