5 trade block candidates the Steelers should pursue ahead of training camp


The Steelers should still look to improve this team through trades with some of these names.

The Steelers have been able to accomplish many of their main tasks this offseason. They met key needs and brought in quality players to secure starting spots for this team. A lot has been done well, but they could use a few more additions to secure some less than ideal situations currently on the roster.

Questions remain, mainly about in-depth roles for this club. They need different things like a running back who could help give Najee Harris breaks from time to time. They could also use a defensive lineman, cornerback and potentially other depth additions.

We’ve seen Pittsburgh unafraid of the commercial market in recent years. It was a different regime, and it remains to be seen how Omar Khan and his front office will attack a potential commercial market. It also depends on who is available and at what price as we begin to prepare for the training camp portion of the offseason.

JJ Watt would be a dream acquisition for the Steelers

JJ Watt may seem like a pipe dream for many different reasons to Steelers fans. It would be nice to have all three Watt brothers at the same club at least once in their respective careers. It may not be a business idea becoming reality, but black and gold needs a player like Watt.

Stephon Tuitt has just retired and that leaves a big hole to fill at the starting point, just like last season. They need stability and Watt would bring that to Pittsburgh. It looks like the Steelers will be content to have a rotation of players to fill the hole left by Tuitt, but that could prove disastrous. Imagine Cam Heyward and Watt on the same line with TJ Watt coming off the edge, what a dream.


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