Alabama team hosts virtual trade mission to Israel in May



The United States is Israel’s largest trading partner, and Israel is the United States’ second largest trading partner in the Middle East. Since the signing of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in 1985, US-Israeli trade has increased sixfold. Almost all non-agricultural trade tariffs between the United States and Israel have been eliminated.

Despite regional geopolitical challenges, Israel has a stable and strong economy. Indeed, business between Alabama and Israel continues to be strong. Alabama’s exports to Israel in 2020 totaled $49 million, an increase of nearly 27% from 2019.

“We have found that virtual events leading up to an in-person trade mission can be very beneficial as they allow companies to make initial contacts, learn more about the market to visit and pave the way. to a more productive trip,” said Hilda Lockhart, director of the International Trade Office for the Alabama Department of Commerce.

Major target sectors for US exports to Israel include safety and security, healthcare, information and communications technology, and defense.

For more information about the virtual trade mission, contact Beau Lore at the Alabama Department of Commerce, [email protected] or 334-324-7525.


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