BCCP virtual trade mission welcomes UK food and drink exporters


Chris Nelson, Trustee Executive Director of the BCCP, with participants from UK food and drink exporters. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

THE British Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (BCCP), in partnership with Kent County Council, successfully led the first day of the Virtual Food and Beverage Trade Mission event on September 15, 2022.

The event brought together a delegation of UK food and drink exporters to meet with key Philippine importers and distributors to explore market opportunities and build long-term partnerships.

At the event, BCCP Executive Director Chris Nelson warmly welcomed and underscored the importance of the virtual trade mission.

“What we’re going to show and highlight today are food drinks from the South East of England. It’s actually a well-known region, in terms of innovative food and drink products. Now , what we want to do is share these food products with international customers, like in the Philippines,” Nelson said.

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Mission highlights include market briefings that provide useful market trends, key issues, legal considerations and even logistics information in the Philippines and a panel discussion with key industry leaders and government officials.

Committed to advocacy to promote and strengthen UK-Philippines business relations, the Chamber continues to organize events bringing more UK businesses to the Philippines.


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