Could Filip Zadina be on the trading block?


The Detroit Red Wings are at a crossroads with the front Philippe Zadina. The restricted free agent is still not the player the Red Wings expected him to be. When he was selected with the sixth overall pick in the 2018 NHL Draft, there was a lot of promise and excitement around him.

The general consensus was that Zadina would be the scorer the Detroit Red Wings needed. Honestly, they thought he was going to be the sniper who could anchor the front line and be a scoring threat. In his fourth season in the league, he finally hit the 10-goal mark; not very characteristic of a “sniper”.

There have been rumors that he was a candidate for trade, including some that happened around the trade deadline in the 2021-22 season. Now Frank Seravalli’s “business goals” article on the Daily Faceoff website once again stirs the pot.

Seravalli listed Zadina at nineteen on his roster, citing that some in the league believe a change of scenery might do him the best. While general manager Steve Yzerman certainly doesn’t want to let Zadina go and score 25 goals for another team in a breakout season, turning him around to get some sort of return to help rebuild might be the best option. Seravalli might be onto something.

Filip Zadina of the Detroit Red Wings may be on the verge of extinction.

The problem with Zadina is that attack was the biggest advantage, and he has yet to really get that part of his game to click. He has shown flashes of the shooter he can be, picking corners to goals or gathering quality scoring chances, but that’s rare.

The Red Wings saw him contribute to the offense from outside the face-off points, getting the puck on net but struggling to convert for the goals. In 2021-22, he had a career-high 24 points with ten goals and 14 assists in 74 games. Due to the shortened seasons of COVID-19, he had never played more than 50 games in a season before 2021-22, but that’s no excuse for him to struggle as much as he has. summer.

Zadina was a bust. There, I said it. Unfortunately it’s the truth; he fell well below expectations, and now the buzz around him tends to be about whether he’s going to be traded or not. Zadina could be on the verge of leaving Hockeytown if the right trade falls into Yzerman’s hands.

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However, Seravalli makes a good point near the end of his Zadina blurb. He mentions the coaching change and its impact on Zadina. There’s a shot that whoever the Red Wings hire as their new coach can make Zadina finally click and figure it out.

It’s a valid point to make, but knowing what Yzerman has been doing over the past few years with trades, if the right deal comes along or he can pull something off, he’ll pull the trigger. The Red Wings general manager has decisions to make regarding Zadina and her future in Hockeytown.

He will likely wait for a new coach to be hired and have roster building discussions with the new bench manager. But with Yzerman, you can’t say a trade won’t happen until a new manager is hired. If the right offer for Zadina comes along, he will accept it.

Seravalli is onto something; this is a situation to watch as the offseason progresses.

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