Dating app Love at First Swipe wins trademark battle with owner of Tinder, Hinge and PlentyOfFish


Manchester-based dating app Love at First Swipe has won a trademark battle with the owner of Tinder, Hinge and PlentyOfFish.

The firm took the win over Match Group alongside agency 1214 Media, also based in the city.

The US giant has opposed the dating app’s UK trademark application to register ‘Love At First Swipe’.

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However, the UK Intellectual Property Office (“UKIPO”) rejected Match’s opposition and allowed LAFS’s application for dating apps and services to proceed.

Match’s opposition was based on the registration and claimed use of the word “SWIPE”.

UKIPO says the word swipe would not be considered a trademark of Match, but rather a descriptive feature for dating apps and services.

He added that the LAFS dating app and service would not be confused or linked with Match as a result.

CEO and Founder of Love at First Swipe, Amarjit Dhanda said, “Today is a big day for the little man.

“Any start-up that gets a review from The Match Group feels very vulnerable and intimidated, but we believe what we’re doing is genuine, we’re trying to make a safe app for women – we fought it and don’t did not back down.

“I want to thank UKIPO for the decision they have made. Here’s to a prosperous 2022 for Love At First Swipe.”


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