Dutch trade mission visiting Turkish fruit and vegetable producers, Interfresh Eurasia fair in October


The specialists of RAAD International are well versed in the field of administrative and financial advice for fruit and vegetable companies. International companies entering the European fruit and vegetable market, and vice versa, are fully supported fiscally, legally and administratively. This Dutch company is therefore a household name in the world of fruit and vegetable administration.

A view of the RAAD office in Istanbul, Turkey

Over the years, this consulting company has advised many Turkish fruit and vegetable producers and exporters on investments, establishing partnerships and setting up business activities. This year, RAAD opened an international office in Istanbul. Recently, they hired a fourth accountant to serve international customers in this Turkish city.

RAAD Istanbul
“It works extremely well. It’s a huge struggle to find staff in the Netherlands. In Turkey, however, there are still enough well-trained people,” explains John van Wijk enthusiastically.

“They enjoy working in an international market. Our Turkish colleagues have all worked for top accounting firms and are now serving our international clients from Istanbul.”

“In addition, the situation between Europe and the Middle East is geographically very favourable. Or, as our Turkish colleagues say, ‘Turkey is the center of the world’,” continues John.

He was appointed as a board member of the Netherlands-Turkey Chamber of Commerce in October 2020. “This network provides access to information through a wide network of companies, experts and advisors. We helping entrepreneurs to connect with relevant authorities, businesses, and people to make the right choices, for example, when starting business in Turkey.”

Trade mission
This chamber of commerce, in partnership with RAAD International, is once again organizing a trade mission to Turkey, specifically for the fruit and vegetable sector. It will be from October 16 to 21. “Last year, mission participants achieved extremely positive results. This motivated us to organize another trade mission in October 2022,” says John.

Anton Filippo (LBP Rotterdam), Kees Rijnhout (Jaguar the fresh company), Arie Havelaar (Sawari Fresh) and Andres Ribas van Oosterom (FruitOne Europe) are among those who signed up for this new trade mission. “We already have enough participants to continue the trade mission, but anyone else looking at the business opportunities that the Turkish fruit and vegetable sector has to offer is welcome.

“What’s great is that attendees can specify which producers they want to visit. Our local correspondent Leyla Damos and her assistant Zeynep Baysari will try to selectively find producers to meet these wishes. We are planning B2B meetings with growers in Mersin and Antalya, as well as a visit to the Interfresh Eurasia fair in Antalya,” says Van Wijk.

“The war in Ukraine and the devaluation of the Turkish lira only benefited Turkish fruit and vegetable exports. We offer entrepreneurs of the Netherlands-Türkiye Chamber of Commerce access to an extensive network of Turkish entrepreneurs, producers, exporters, importers and government agencies. .”

“We also offer this program at an attractive all-inclusive rate. Our strength lies not only in our innovative personal matchmaking models and our knowledge of business in Turkey and the Netherlands,” says John. “We also have a broad and deep understanding of geography, demographics and culture.”

“The trip will cost ± €2,200 including flights, hotels, local transport, a guide/translator and lunches/dinners. I would be happy to discuss the trade mission personally with interested parties. Then we can see if there are any specific wishes that we can incorporate into the program so that participants can meet specific partners in the chain and gain new insights into the vast opportunities that the Turkish fruit and vegetable market has to offer,” concludes John.

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