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Lisa-Marie Daniel, Managing Director, FashionTT –

FashionTT tackles GVC, trade missions and the 4th edition of the LookBook

The TT Fashion Company Ltd (FashionTT) said it continues to work to put local designers on the global runway.

FashionTT last month launched a website and social media campaign for designers at the global value chain (GVC) level of its value chain investment program (VCIP). She also coordinated a trade mission to Miami, Florida, and launched the fourth edition of her LookBook.

In a press release, he said TT’s fashion industry is set to expand internationally. Local designers are poised to move from small-scale export to bigger sales opportunities to buyers’ boutiques, agents and large online retailers, according to the release.

FashionTT said that through its efforts, GVC designers are able to fulfill larger global commercial orders. The 11 designers were selected by a panel of international experts with the ability and capacity to compete in the international fashion industry: They are The 1individuual Aesthetic, The Cloth, Meiling, Charu Lochan Dass, Heather Jones , J Angelique, Claudia Pegus, The Hideout Clothing, Genesis Swimwear, Neha Karina and Ecliff Elie. Their profiles will be available on the launched FashionTT site.

The duration of the GVC program for each cohort is three years so that the selected companies can effectively build relationships with buyers and achieve sustainable sales. Designers have the opportunity to access the market in more than seven territories each year. As part of this export support and market penetration, support will be provided to designers to participate in virtual trade missions with the aim of outsourcing textile sourcing, production and direct B2B meetings with potential buyers.

To achieve this, FashionTT has formed an official partnership with a sister state agency, exportTT through a Memorandum of Cooperation. ExportTT will support FashionTT in research, execution of a virtual trade mission, financial support for the selection of a market consultant, post-mission follow-up and information dissemination, according to the press release.

FashionTT will support GVC creators in their export activities and is coordinating a trade mission to Miami, Florida in collaboration with exportTT and the Department of Trade and Industry as part of the Export Booster Initiative. The trade mission will take place in February.

FashionTT launched the fourth edition of its LookBook last month via IG Live on Instagram (@fashionoftt). In this edition, he focuses on the 11 designers of GVC, as well as other stalwarts of the industry, including Professor Andrew Ramroop, who is featured on the cover. FashionTT also presents a series of lawyer Jagdeo Singh adorned in a classic double-breasted suit by Maurice Sedwell, showcasing the impeccable bespoke craftsmanship synonymous with the brand, according to the statement.

Lisa-Marie Daniel, Managing Director, FashionTT said:

“FashionTT has worked vigorously to fulfill our mandate to stimulate and facilitate export activities for the local fashion industry. We are delighted to work alongside amazing local designers, as well as international business consultants, to ensure that our country’s aesthetic and talent have the opportunity to flourish and grow beyond our shores. . We are also thrilled to feature our GVC designers and other titans of the local fashion industry, in the fourth edition of the LookBook,”

The LookBook can be viewed online at

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