Joondalup City to Join WA Trade and Investment Mission to India to Attract International Students


Joondalup Council has given the town’s chief executive and deputy mayor the go-ahead to travel to India this week to promote international education in North Perth.

James Pearson and Cr Christine Hamilton-Prime will participate in the state government-led trade and investment mission July 12-19, alongside other Joondalup delegates from ECU, North Metro Tafe and the College of Electrical Training.

Mayor Albert Jacob had already been authorized to leave during this period.

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Mr Pearson said India was a key market for Joondalup in the areas of international education, tourism, technology and innovation.

He also said the trip was an opportunity to announce the first global Joondalup Innovation Challenge partners at WeSchool and Amity University, which are based in Mumbai.

The challenge is a city initiative for international and domestic students to create innovative applications that have potential commercial value.

“It’s a very smart way to market Joondalup as a brand and as an international educational destination,” said Pearson.

He said it was possible that the partnership was the only major announcement made during the visit and that no one from the city was present would be a missed opportunity.

Mr. Pearson also said that an international student contributes about $80,000 a year to the national economy and supports just under three full-time equivalent employees.

He said the cost to the city to attend the mission was just under $11,000, so it could be argued that Joondalup would get a return of $120,000 if the trip attracted just one student.

“I would be convinced that we would do better than that,” he said.

The trip, which uses economy class flights, is estimated at $5,300 each, with Cr Hamilton-Prime’s costs to be funded by her counselor’s conference and training allowance.

The mission also aims to strengthen government-industry relations and open up opportunities for WA companies in the Indian market.

Led by the state’s Minister for Development, Jobs and Trade, Roger Cook, and Minister for International Education, David Templeman, it will be the state’s largest trade delegation with over of 110 representatives.

Other sectors will include mining, technology, energy, smart cities, primary industries and tourism.

The towns of Perth, Busselton and Bunbury are also expected to send delegates.

It will be the first visit to India by a state government after the recent conclusion of the India-Australia Free Trade Agreement and since the opening of the country’s international borders.

The council approved the delegation 7-5, with councilors Daniel Kingston, Russell Poliwka, John Raftis, Suzanne Thompson and Nige Jones opposing.

“I just think we’re doing the ECU’s job here,” Cr Jones said.

“The main beneficiaries are the international students who come to the city of Joondalup, but the direct benefit goes directly to ECU, because they are the ones who take the money.

“I’m not comfortable with that.”

Cr Jones also said he was ‘never a fan’ of the city’s previous delegations to China as he could not see the benefits, so if the trip took place it would be important the council received a report with ‘ some facts and figures that advisers can present to taxpayers when they are asked why we are going on the trip.

The council vote included a report on the activities and results of the mission.

Following the ruling, another vote was required to elect a councilor to act in the mayor’s role from July 13-18, as the mayor and deputy mayor would be absent.

Cr Russ Fishwick, who has already served three terms as deputy mayor, was elected.

However, another special council meeting was due to take place on Tuesday evening to extend the interim roster by one more day to include July 12, when a council briefing is scheduled, due to a change in schedules. flight.

Cr Fishwick was again elected to assume the extra day.


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