Looking at the trade block, another option for the Saints at running back


We’ve talked at length recently about how the New Orleans Saints should still consider ways to improve the running back position on the 2022 roster. Although signing a free agent now or as teams reduce their pre-season rosters is always an option, Pro Football Focus offered another suggestion: look to the trading bloc.

Finding a move each of the NFL’s 32 teams should make this offseason, PFF asked the Saints to add a dynamic backfield player to partner Alvin Kamara:


It would only make sense for the Browns to trade Hunt if they keep D’Ernest Johnson. The Saints are bracing for a suspension for running back Alvin Kamara after he was charged with aggravated assault in February in Las Vegas for the Pro-Bowl. If it’s a long suspension, the Saints need a better replacement than Mark Ingram, Tony Jones and Abram Smith. Kamara and Hunt could also co-exist in the New Orleans backfield.

We’ve seen Hunt play well in a backfield duo in Cleveland, splitting time with Nick Chubb when both are healthy. Imagining a Hunt-Kamara couple would not be outrageous. We also saw Hunt playing at a superstar beat during his time with the Kansas City Chiefsso Hunt leading the backfield on a Kamara suspension isn’t a terrible option.

Can the Saints really count on 32-year-old Mark Ingram to handle the workload in what many are hoping will be a high-powered attack? Is there a reason Saints UDFA rookie Abram Smith wasn’t drafted into the 2022 NFL Draft? Kareem Hunt helps provide answers to both of these questions.

Elsewhere in the NFL, PFF has the Atlanta Falcons also stepping towards running back, trading for another Browns player, this time D’Ernest Johnson. PFF proposes Carolina Panthers complete the trade for Baker Mayfield (which is done now), and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers convince Rob Gronkowski to come out of retirement (not done yet).

For the curious, the New York Jets are suggested to sign former Saints linebacker and free agent Kwon Alexander.


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