Moe in Europe for a trade mission


The Prime Minister intends to portray Saskatchewan as a reliable supplier of everything from oil and gas to wheat and canola in the wake of the Ukraine invasion.

Premier Scott Moe left for Europe on Saturday where he plans to stop in the United Kingdom and Germany in a bid to reinforce that Saskatchewan is a reliable supplier of food and energy for countries that do not wish to trade more with Russia.

“We will argue that they should source products from Saskatchewan,” Premier Moe said before boarding his flight. “Not just because of how they are produced, but ultimately because we are a trustworthy business partner.”

This trade mission comes as food and energy prices are soaring around the world due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Moe will travel to London to establish a Saskatchewan trade office in the British capital before heading to Germany.

Moe plans to invite Ukrainian refugees there who have been displaced due to the situation in Ukraine.

“I can’t wait to have a concrete plan,” Moe explained. “Where we can support them in a transition to Saskatchewan.”

Saskatchewan is committed to accepting an unlimited number of Ukrainian refugees. The Ukrainian community in the province is already preparing.

“We have over 350 families who have registered to host displaced Ukrainian families,” said Petro Nakutnyy, Ukrainian Canadian Congress Ukrainian Settlement Community Co-Chair.

“And over 100 employers who told us they were ready to hire displaced Ukrainians.”

It is estimated that 10,000 Ukrainian refugees have already arrived in Canada.

Many refugees have fled Ukraine with very few possessions and the federal government is being asked to cover the cost of the flight to Canada.

“People who leave Ukraine have nothing,” said Terry Kuzyk of the Regina Chapter of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.

“So a lot of them are women and children, so we need the federal government to step in and provide them with something.”


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