Netherlands – Chile Green Hydrogen Trade Mission


Netherlands – Green Hydrogen Trade Mission Chile.

Does your company offer technology or services in the field of green hydrogen production? Do you want to buy green hydrogen from Chile? Or do you want to (co-)invest in the development of the production, storage or transport of Chilean hydrogen? Then join the trade mission to Chile from November 6 to 11.

Chile: a major player in green hydrogen

With the sun in the north and the wind in the south, Chile has a huge source of renewable energy. The country wants to become a major producer of green hydrogen. They thus ensure their own energy transition, but they also serve a (new) export market.

Chile even has a surplus of renewable energy. The country is likely to become one of the cheapest hydrogen suppliers. This provides opportunities for various Dutch companies. For instance:

  • companies offering services such as human capital development (talent and skills development);
  • companies with products and services for storage, pipelines and electrolysers;
  • companies working on the production of renewable energy, in particular solar and wind;
  • companies working on the logistics component of green hydrogen, such as port development, transport and the establishment of associated infrastructure.

Pilot projects: studies and reports

Chile has launched several pilot projects. A pilot project focuses specifically on the production of wind energy. Another pilot project mainly concerns the production of solar energy. Check out the studies and reports below.

Why join this mission?

  • You will gain a better understanding of the developing Chilean hydrogen sector.
  • You will receive information and visit existing and future (pilot) projects in the regions of Valparaíso and Concepción.
  • You will visit projects in the Antofagasta region for the production of green hydrogen.
  • In Santiago, you will visit various organizations that deal with hydrogen.
  • You will come into contact with potential partners and clients from the private and public sector. Or you meet the contacts you already have.
  • You will get an overview of different projects in Chile and see how your company can seize the opportunities within these projects.
  • In collaboration with the Dutch government, you are studying the possibility of entering the market by forming consortia and through public-private partnerships.

For who?

This mission is aimed at innovative companies with technologies, products or services in the field of green hydrogen. The mission is interesting for the following parts:

  • Hardware companies
  • Software companies
  • Knowledge institutions

Preliminary program

You will find below the preliminary program of this mission. We will optimize the program in the coming period. In doing so, we take into account the contribution of the organizing parties and the participating companies.

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Green Hydrogen Chile trade mission, June 1, 2022


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