Prime Minister Scott Moe returns from a successful trade mission to Europe


Prime Minister Scott Moe traveled to Europe last week to visit the UK and Germany.

He went there to propose trade deals with Saskatchewan’s oil, grain, wheat and fertilizer industries.

Prime Minister Scott Moe is traveling to Europe this weekend on a trade mission. The trip, which runs until April 1, will see the Prime Minister visit the UK and Germany.

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Moose Jaw MPP Tim McLeod said this is a perfect opportunity for Saskatchewan since many countries in Europe no longer want to trade with Russia.

“Our Premier has said time and time again that Saskatchewan has the food, fuel and fertilizer…He highlights the potential for investment in the province…to reinforce the vital role Saskatchewan can play in food security and energy security as a partner,” says McLeod.

He adds that maintaining these agreements would not be a problem for Saskatchewan. “Saskatchewan is ranked as the third most attractive jurisdiction in the world for mining and has been named Canada’s most attractive jurisdiction for oil and gas investment. So we have an energy sector that is a world leader committed to sustainability.

The premier returned to Saskatchewan late last week and if those deals go through, McLeod says there could be a direct impact on Moose Jaw.

“This could be particularly beneficial to Moose Jaw since we are perfectly located for rail and road transportation to international markets. We are at the heart of agriculture in Saskatchewan and any market expansion will benefit our local producers and value-added businesses,” says McLeod.

Premier Scott Moe received a call from the media last Thursday while still in Germany. He shared that he was surprised at the level of engagement of economic leaders and the financial sector regarding trade agreements.

“We had a good dialogue with the financial sector in Frankfurt and London. I’m ready to tell them and communicate with them about the positive economic environment we have and the investments that are being made in Saskatchewan,” said Moe.

Moe says he has also met with government MPs, new prospects and major financial institutes.

“So a successful mission… What we’ve heard from the economic engagement we’ve had is that there’s great concern in the UK and across the EU about the energy security An ultimately growing concern as we enter the planting season this year with unrest over potential food security issues looming, as well as how we can work together to ensure nations around the world continue to focus on energy security and food security that we buy are the most sustainable products available compared to their competitors,” says Moe.

He stated that the trade mission was a success and that the provincial government will consider implementing several actions over the next few weeks. One of the action items will be the completion and demonstration of a critical mineral processing facility in Saskatoon which Moe says has generated a lot of interest at his meetings in Europe.


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