Saskatchewan Premier meets with Ukrainian refugees on trade mission


Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe had the chance to meet Ukrainian families at a shelter during a trade mission to Europe.

Moe told reporters on a conference call that he and Ambassador Stephane Dion toured the shelter which had been renovated from an office building.

“(It was) a rewarding mission where we had the opportunity to engage directly with people who were on the front lines of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to have conversations with them about what it was like. was that getting out of Ukraine,” Moe said.

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Saskatchewan. Prime Minister Scott Moe may meet Ukrainian refugees in Germany during trade mission

Moe said the refugees told him how grateful they were for the generosity of the Polish and German people, as well as Canadians and the support they gave to Ukraine.

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He added that the refugees were also showing “determination” and “resilience”.

“I heard many times that the war was going to be long because the Ukrainian people, quite simply, would not give up their home,” Moe said.

“A victory for Vladimir Putin is not going to be easy given the resilience and determination of the people I have had the opportunity to meet.”

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Fundraiser aims to support sister city of Saskatoon in Ukraine

Fundraiser aims to support sister city of Saskatoon in Ukraine

Moe also noted that there was a “real belief” that the war was not the “will of the Russian people”.

The provincial government will consider how it can help the federal government provide immigration resources to bring refugees to Canada, Moe said.

Moe traveled overseas this week on a trade mission to promote potash, uranium and agri-food products to government and industry professionals, and to open a new trade office in Saskatchewan.

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Moe was in London earlier this week before traveling to Frankfurt and Kassel in Germany.

Moe said he promoted Saskatchewan products to financial institutions and government officials.

He added that taxpayers would get their value out of the trip, promising he was able to sell Saskatchewan as a more reliable trading partner than countries like Belarus or Russia.

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“They are now asking, ‘Where do we buy these products and why do we buy from them, and are they a reliable and stable business partner who will be there for us year after year?'”

Moe said countries will also consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies when it comes to purchasing products.

“Most certainly when you look at the impact on the soil, water and ultimately the climate of Saskatchewan potash versus that which is (which) is produced in Russia or Belarus – it ranks a lot, a lot higher on the sustainability front,” Moe said.

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