The UCCI team ends its trade mission in Nepal


A delegation of 45 members, including 14 women, from the Utkal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCI) visited Kathmandu from August 17 to 20 and had fruitful exchanges with representatives of the Nepal Federation of Handicrafts and Small Industry, the Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation. of Nepalese industry.

A meeting was organized with all Nepalese associations which was inaugurated by the Nepalese Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Dilendra Prasad Badu, who stressed the need to strengthen centuries-old trade, cultural and religious practices between both countries and especially with Odisha where Nepal has had a religious connection for a long time as well. He said Nepal offers huge investment opportunities no less than any other known business center in the world.

He listed areas of collaboration such as hydropower, green energy, agriculture, mining, tourism, healthcare, seafood and processed agri-food, education and IT, SMEs and startups, skills development, telecommunications, archeology and astronomy.

UCCI President Brahmananda Mishra acknowledged the development activities promoted by Nepal and the policy changes induced by FDI. He hoped such forward-looking promotional actions would arouse enthusiasm among Indian investors, especially Odisha. He invited a delegation from the Nepalese chamber to Odisha. Referring to the proposed Make in Odisha event likely in November 2022, he invited a delegation from Nepal along with the Minister of Industry and his team of officials to further cement the ties between Odisha and Nepal.

On the day of the conclusion, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the UCCI and the Nepal Federation of Small Businesses and Small Industries to strengthen business ties.

For this visit of the UCCI delegation to Nepal, the government of Odisha had given its authorization.


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