United States – Trade Mission and Business Conference in Central America – August 18-23, 2022 | Denton


The 2022 Americas, US-Central America Trade and Trade Missions Conference took place August 18-23 in San Jose, Costa Rica and focused on region-specific sessions, trade strategies, market entry, export compliance, legal, logistics, disaster resilience and trade recovery and finance resources.

This program offers U.S. companies the opportunity to explore six markets in the Central America region: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama through U.S. Trade Commissioners networked and engaged in meetings face to face with distributors, sales representatives. , and other potential partners.

Participants who attended the Trade Americas conference received personalized business-to-business matchmaking appointments in one or two countries with pre-screened potential buyers, agents, distributors or joint venture partners who provided strategies to grow their business In the region.

Undersecretary Lago explains in recent days, “Central America is home to crucial export markets that offer immense opportunities for American businesses and workers in all sectors,” she also said. “This trade mission has provided U.S. businesses with unprecedented opportunities to better understand key markets in Central America. They are looking to increase their exports to the region. I look forward to seeing the results of our delegates’ hard work.”

On this occasion, our President and Central American Managing Partner, José Antonio Muñoz, had the opportunity to participate in this conference and talk about how we interact with the world, the consequences of the pandemic and other global events such as the war in Ukraine and the populist alignment of governments in the Greater Region.

He highlighted the relevance of the challenges we face as a region: infrastructure, bureaucracy, corruption, education, lack of regionalization, attracting investment and technology, teaching workers new skills and building management capacity. José Antonio also discussed opportunities in labor arbitrage, trade simplification, regional networks of manufacturing ports, logistics, service providers and ESG.


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