US Sends Education Trade Mission to India | Latest India News


The US Department of Commerce is leading an education trade mission to Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi to identify and promote opportunities for collaboration between Indian and US higher education institutions.

The delegation, which will visit India from September 12-16, includes 21 American institutions of higher learning (HEIs) from 15 states. Three education technology and service providers are part of the delegation to bring their world-class capabilities to India, the US Embassy said in a statement on Monday.

Education is one of the main pillars of cooperation between India and the United States, and US missions in India have issued 82,000 student visas so far in 2022, a figure higher than n any previous year. Indian students have received more US student visas than any other country.

“India’s National Education Policy 2020 announcement outlined an aggressive plan to revamp and develop India’s higher education system, including expansion of research, experiential learning and the internationalization of programs. American HEIs bring a wealth of experience and best practices in these areas to help India achieve its education goals,” the statement said.

Referring to the education trade mission, US Chargé Patricia Lacina said, “This trade mission will explore new partnerships in education and further strengthen the strong and growing ties in education superior between the United States and India”.

The visit will provide delegation members with the opportunity to hold expert meetings with Indian higher education institutions, student recruitment agents and other stakeholders to hear directly from Indian educators and students.

There will be in-person student fairs in Mumbai on September 12 and New Delhi on September 15.

The delegation will meet with heads of state and central government, education regulators and business leaders to hear their views on how American educational institutions can partner with Indian organizations to stimulate the Indian economy.


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