US trade mission visits Doha


DOHA: US Ambassador to Qatar Susan L Ziadeh hosted a trade mission comprising 13 US companies representing a wide range of sectors, including technology, infrastructure and communications, a press release said yesterday .

The trade mission, led by the “American-Arab Bilateral Chamber of Commerce” and the “American-Qatari Business Council”, connected U.S. business leaders with the Qatari government and business leaders to explore business partnerships and investment for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the achievement of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

“Qatar’s growing international importance offers exciting new partnership opportunities for US companies. Trade missions provide an invaluable opportunity for leading U.S. companies to meet face-to-face with potential partners, laying the foundation for long-lasting, high-quality business relationships. said Ambassador Ziadeh.

Aida Araissi, president of the US-Arab Bilateral Chamber of Commerce, echoed the ambassador’s sentiments. “This delegation marks our 18th trade mission to Qatar in the past 12 years,” she said. “Hundreds of business deals and partnerships have been forged over the years, but only if there is immediate follow-up. We are truly pleased with the diversity of our group and hope that their time in Doha will lead to mutually beneficial alliances.

Ambassador Patrick Theros, Chairman of the US-Qatar Business Council and former Ambassador to Qatar, expressed his thanks to Ziadeh for his enthusiastic and continued support for American businesses and invited his Qatari friends to engage with members of the trade mission in visit, all of which had products and services useful to Qatar’s programs.

Both Ziadeh and Araissi expressed confidence that the trade mission will deepen the vital economic relationship between the United States and Qatar, and generate high-quality economic growth and investment for both countries.

Commercial relations between the United States and Qatar have grown at a rapid pace over the past seven years, with trade volume growing from $738 million in 2003 to $4.6 billion in 2012. This visit highlights the US-Qatari commitment to shared business growth and economic cooperation in the United States. markets that meet Qatar’s demand for premium, specialized goods and services.

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