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(KMAland) – Daniel Whitley, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Administrator, recently led a trade mission to the Philippines and said the trip was very successful.

“It was really fantastic to connect with our stakeholders, our buyers and our importers. The Philippines is our eighth largest market for U.S. agricultural and food products, with just over $3 billion annually over the past five years. But I have to tell you that after being there on the pitch, there is a lot of potential to do a lot better. They are very, very interested in strengthening their commercial ties with American agriculture, and there are many opportunities to increase our exports and our presence in the region and, more specifically, as a country.

Whitley explains why the Philippines are regular buyers of American customers.

“There’s one word I came away with, and that’s reliability. We are in a very different world than we were in six months ago, certainly five years ago, and the number one criterion I see everywhere I go is that business partners are looking for a reliable supplier. And they consider American agriculture to be the most reliable in the world. This, coupled with our exceptional qualities and the fact that we are taking up the challenge of producing more sustainable products, means that Filipino consumers want our world-class agricultural and food products. And we were thrilled to introduce all of our talented suppliers and exporters to some of the world’s best buyers in the Philippines.

He talks about the agricultural products that seemed most attractive to Filipino buyers.

“They were very interested in more soybean meal as they plan to increase their breeding. They were also considering importing more American corn. They have a domestic corn industry, but it needs to be supplemented to meet their domestic needs. , so they thought of corn. They were also looking at more pork products as they rebuilt their own herd of pigs. They were also looking at dairy products. So many of the top products were very competitive and had comparative advantages over compared to many of our competitors in the region.

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